Introductory Beginners Course in 3Design

Course Overview

Created in tandem with Jewellery Academy Wales and Sierra Consultancy, this six-week course is an introduction to 3Design, aimed at beginners looking to step into the world of CAD design and for CAD designers who want to expand their toolset.

The course will take place as Interactive online sessions. A back-and-forth discussion can be created between the students and the lecturers, to tailor the learning approach and ensure confidence is gained within the package. Focusing on basics such as the interface, workspace and the library, then moving to the creation of fully realised and watertight pieces. At the end of the course, you will have created a selection of models via 3Design’s parametric functions, which can be endlessly adapted. Upon completion of the course, you will receive accreditation in 3Design certified by Jewellery Academy Wales and Sierra Consultancy LTD.   

Jewellery Academy Wales - 3Design CAD COURSE

During the course, you will work directly with our experienced Course Trainers, who will guide you from the basics through to creating a selection of models that can be endlessly developed. These include rings, pendants, earrings and charms. Not only will you gain knowledge for the creation of aesthetic pieces, but there will also be an emphasis on structurally sound manufactured parts.

The course is split into 3 sections - each section contains 3 sessions of learning and then one review session where you can recap anything you have learnt and ask further questions.
In the First Section, you will learn the basics of creating a standard ring, adding a channel setting and a mill-grain decoration. You will have an introduction to the workspace menus and controls, and learn how to navigate through the different axis and planes. You will look at the different types of modes – Sketch and Part. How to use the Parametric History tree to edit objects. You will also be taught tools such as Basic Ring, Curves, Sweeping Wizard, Cylindrical Curve, Variable Channel, Boolean Operations, Stone & Stone Cutter tool, Jewelling, Filter, Move/Rotate/Scale, Weight, Graduated Duplication & the Mirror tool.

In the Second Section, you will learn how to make a simple charm, adding decorative embossed patterns and engraving. In these second sessions, you will learn tools such as Revolve, Boolean Operation, Line, Convert to NURBS Curve, Extrusion, Lay on Object, Circular Duplication, Fillet, Curve Projection & Wrap Along Curve.

Finally, in the Third Section, you will learn how to make a halo, and turn it into a pendant and earrings. In these second sessions, you will learn tools like Channel Prongs, Advanced Pave, Claws, Belts, importing from the Library, Radiused Box, Boolean Subtract and Clone.

(*Please note the order sections are taught may vary).

Next Dates:

  • Course 1 - May to June - 9th May to 15th June
  • Course 2 - July to August - 18th July to 24th August

Course Duration:

  • Course 1 - Every Tuesday & Thursday, from 6pm - 8pm in May - June
  • Course 2 - Every Tuesday & Thursday, from 6pm - 8pm in July - August

Total Number of Hours: 24 hours

Delivery: Online through Teams

Price: £670 (excluding VAT)

Upon completion of the course, you will receive accreditation in 3Design certified by Jewellery Academy Wales and Sierra Consultancy LTD.  

Software Requirements: Includes an 8-week trial version of 3Design software. You can purchase a permanent licence of the software at a discounted rate during or after the course.  Please contact our 3Design representative - Sierra Consultancy, for more details on options and prices.

3D Jewellery Design Software | Sierra Consultancy Ltd | United Kingdom

3DESIGN's genuine Parametric Technology automatically remembers every step you take, and every tool you use in a history tree that gives you instant editing on any part of your design. You get immediate visualisation while designing your pieces. There is NO other software required to run 3Design. You can import and export as 3DM, STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES, and EPS / AI files… It is Mac and Windows compatible.

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