What we offer at the Jewellery Academy Wales

We offer a range of Jewellery courses at The Diamond Centre to choose from, and new courses are frequently added. 

Our 3Design CAD Course is perfect if you want to join the world of Computer-Aided Jewellery Design and be supported on your journey by a team of experts. This course is suitable whether you are a beginner or an experienced CAD Designer and are looking to expand your skill set. You will have our experienced course trainers on hand to guide you from the basics to creating a variety of different models such as rings, charms, pendants and earrings. Our course is perfect if you work during the day as it takes place between 6 pm – 8 pm, and if you need more flexibility as you can do it from home, on the train or anywhere. Click Here to find out more. 

Then we also have experience days, where you can come to the academy and create your very own piece of jewellery. We offer these in small tailored groups, and you will be guided through the process by an experienced goldsmith. You will learn the traditional techniques of jewellery making for example soldering, sawing and polishing. Our experience days will allow you to choose between making a bangle, stacker rings or cufflinks. Each session is roughly around four hours long, and is such a great way to give yourself a tester into the jewellery making industry. Click Here to find out more.


At JAWS we also offer Jewellery making & technical courses, unfortunately we have reached the end of the academic year for these but will be looking to start running them again next year (dates to be confirmed). Here is a quick intro into some of the Jewellery making & technical courses courses we offer….

Following on from the CAD course we offer a Casting Preparation Course where you can send in a file to one of our onsite rapid prototyping machines, which will print a wax model to view before we send it off for casting. Once we receive the casting back you can come in and spend the day prepping, polishing and finishing your ring in a one to one session with a talented goldsmith from DCW. You can also do this with the same member of your CAD course group if you so wish.

For experienced jewellery we offer a 3 day Jewellery Repair course. The course offers you the chance to learn the skills to resize and re-tip items, whilst also delving more into the common problems found within the Jewellery Industry. 

JAWS also offers a Laser Welding course, laser welders allow for more creative design possibilities because of their accuracy. Our short course will look into how these machines can aid a jeweller. The course will teach you how to join items, fill porosity or cracks, re-tipping and polishing. At the JAWS academy we have two LaserStar fibre lasers and a PUK spot welder. 

We also offer a two day stone setting course, which is an important part of jewellery design and manufacture. It is a key skill that every jeweller should learn to master their craft. The setting you will learn includes four claw, flush set and bezel settings. 

Finally we offer a five day beginners course, which will allow you to learn the basics that are involved in jewellery manufacturing. It will give you an introduction to a variety of jewellery making techniques and how to use the machinery involved. This course will help to give you the fundamental skills to start your jewellery journey, some of the skills you will learn include how to pierce, drill, file, sand, form, solder and finish silver or gold jewellery alloy pieces.  

Keep an eye on our page as we will be adding more courses to our list soon. Or if you have any suggestions please fill in the contact form here.

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