Meet the Team

There are many years of experience and knowledge amongst our instructors, who lead our courses with a lot of talent and skill. I caught up with them to learn a bit more about them. First off, let’s say hello to… Lee Hughes He is our highly experienced workshop manager at our sister company, Diamond CentreContinue reading “Meet the Team”

Different Stone Shapes

What is a Diamond/Gemstone Shape? Well, the term ‘shape’ usually refers to the geometric characteristics of the stone, there are a number of different diamond/gemstone shapes. With diamonds, round cut or brilliant cut tends to be the most popular and traditional. Other popular cuts include princess, oval, cushion, and emerald. Then there are more ‘fancy/unique’Continue reading “Different Stone Shapes”

What Ring Profile should I use?

Welcome to our first technical blog post! We will be creating a number of technical blog posts to help you expand your knowledge of jewellery, so be sure to sign up via the link here so you receive all the latest updates when our blogs go live! Today we will be looking at the differentContinue reading “What Ring Profile should I use?”

What we offer at the Jewellery Academy Wales

We offer a range of Jewellery courses at The Diamond Centre to choose from, and new courses are frequently added.  Our 3Design CAD Course is perfect if you want to join the world of Computer-Aided Jewellery Design and be supported on your journey by a team of experts. This course is suitable whether you areContinue reading “What we offer at the Jewellery Academy Wales”

Intro to Jewellery Academy Wales (JAWs)

Jewellery Academy Wales is part of the Diamond Centre Wales Family. It started back in 2021, with the aspiration to create a jewellery quarter in South Wales. We offer a range of courses and experience days that are aimed to increase and expand your knowledge of Jewellery Design, making and manufacturing.  As the Jewellery AcademyContinue reading “Intro to Jewellery Academy Wales (JAWs)”

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